Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Winton's Children

This is from Gives me Hope. It's a story I was unaware of, and as great as the story is, the video trumps. Let me know if you watch it with dry eyes.

GMH #50245

In 1938, Nicholas Winton helped 669 Jewish kids escape certain death from the Nazis. He never told anyone that he did this.

While on ski trip in Switzerland, Winton took a detour in Czechoslovakia to help the children of refugees. Nazi Germany had recently annexed a large part of Czechoslovakia and the news of Kristallnacht, a violent attack on Jews in Germany and Austria, had just reached Prague.

Winton set up a rescue operation for the children, filling out the required paperwork for them to be sent to homes in Sweden and Great Britain. He had to raise money to fund foster homes for all of them, and then he sent 669 children away from Czechoslovakia on trains before the Nazis closed down the borders.

Winton told no one that he did this, not even his wife. In 1988, his wife found a scrapbook full of pictures of the children and letters from parents in their attic. She arranged to have Winton's story appear in newspapers.

Many of the children Winton saved went on the BBC television program, That's Life, to meet him for the first time since the war. They refer to themselves as "Winton's children".

Winton is now 101 years old and has received awards from Israel and the Czech Republic as well as Knighthood from the Queen of England in 1993.Popout
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    Anonymous said...

    Nope I didnt manage to watch with dry eyes.What a man.

    Martha said...

    What a great story. There's also Irena Sendler who saved 2500 Jewish children. There was a Hallmark movie about her, The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler. Hats off to people like Irena and Winton -- they both have courageous hearts!

    Empress of The Eye said...

    You were right...and I am on medication that never lets me cry, but this did. Thank you for keeping me grateful.

    Henley on the Horn said...

    Wow. That is amazing!!! Thank you, Sir Winton!

    makingstuffanddoingthings said...

    No dry eyes here. Thank you for sharing this story!

    Mrs. Blandings said...

    Darn it, Toad.

    ADG said...

    I've gotta meeting in twenty minutes. Gotta figure out how to clean up and not look like a _ussy with swollen eyes.

    preppyplayer said...

    Absolutely lovely, touching, and inspiring.
    Tears here too.