Monday, August 16, 2010

Dirty Bucks

My bucks, at 7, have reached their half life. Well broken in, as dirty as can be, comfortable as a Saturday afternoon. Dirty bucks are a staple in my fall wardrobe.

For the longest time I thought chocolate brown bucks would be the bees knees. I was determined to invent them if I couldn't locate a pair. It took 3 years of waiting for them to appear.

They look god awful to my eyes. Is it the sole? I'm so glad I waited. If they are your thing, you can find them at Orvis. I won't comment.

It took a while but I discovered what really interested me about the choco shoes. It wasn't the color, 3 other pair of Chocolate suedes live in my closet, I wanted something different only the same. The folks at Bass offer this option, the Barret. A dressyish dirty buck brogue. Check out Google Shopping. For around $70 they won't break the bank.

Just in case, it comes in Chocolate too.

This is Charlie's opinion of my Albert slipper search, a story for another day.



JMW said...

My son is on his second pair of dirty bucks, and he's only 3! Of course, he's growing at a rapid pace, but it's a shoe I think every boy needs in his closet.

Palmer said...

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