Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Winner & Odds and Ends

I've been remiss.

There were 9 entries to the "have I got a deal for someone" white coat giveaway. My thanks to each of you. Most of the entries were pretty straight forward although there was the odd story or two. A winner was selected by my favorite bride.

I waited until now to publicly announce the winner, because in a dash of gallantry, I wanted to make certain the jacket actually fit the winner. My deal with him was that he would send it on to the first runner up if it didn't fit.

In fact, he claims it fits very well. Congratulations Man of the 50's.

I'm so glad to get this out of my closet. Each spring I would drag it out, notice how I hadn't grown taller over the winter, and face the attendant shame of failure all over again.

II. Hell hath no fury.....

Is anyone driving the bus at Amazon? In the past 10 days I have received 4 emails from them. The first thanked me for my pre-order of Dominique Browning's Slow Love. The next warned me the release had been delayed and I could expect it mid to late May. The next two were nonsense. The book arrived yesterday.

I suspect someone at Amazon got a pair of stiletto heels up their.....

III. Have you ever stopped having a habit?

Have you ever had a habit, which unconsciously you stopped having, and didn't notice you'd stopped for quite a while? Other than say, being married?

For 25+ years, with a few exceptions, I have been a 3 cigar a day man. Get in the car (alone) light up, cut the lawn, light up. There is a motor theme here somewhere. There are a number of triggers.

The man in the brown truck showed up Friday. Mrs. T, not expecting anything that day, inquired if that was my monthly cigar order. It then hit me. I hadn't had a cigar since before Christmas. There are several on my desk, the paraphernalia is all about me. I'm just not tempted. Not to say I've quit, just stopped.



James said...

Thank you so much, I can not wait to debut it. Maybe it will give me a little Sean swagger. I know but a boy can dream, can't he?

ADG said...

I'm gonna scoot over to Amazon and order a copy of my girlfriend's book. I get an automated "about your Amazon Enquiry" email three times per week and have been so for a year. Can't stop it once it starts-unlike cigars. I "lost" a humidor full of Cubans in the move out of my marital home.

Brian said...

Congrats to James. I stopeed smoking cigars for about a month a few years ago, Ashtons were leaving a bad after taste with me I think. Then I went to an Eagles game, and a friend gave me a Camacho been back on them ever since. All be it one a day. Think of the money you will save if you just store those monte's and stay on a cigar hiatus.

Karena said...

Congratulations to James, sure he will be as dapper as can be! Amazon just keeps on marketing and marketing......I must have Doninique's book though!

You might still have that occasional cigar, we all have our habits, the three a day seems to be gone for now which is a good thing.

Art by Karena

Mrs. Blandings said...

Seems if you gave it up in the winter, perhaps it is truly gone. Though I don't know why I would say that. And your marriage analogy has me a little worried.

Toad said...

No worries Mrs. B.

I have always smoked outside, NEVER in. This winter felt especially cold and long, and I just didn't feel up to being cold for a smoke.

Now the weather is better and I have lost the taste or need, for now.

Town and Country Mom said...

Hoping James will enjoy the jacket. I am exasperated by Amazon at times, but looking forward to receiving Dominique's book--my Mother's Day present to myself. Interesting about the cigars; I'd like to lose interest in cheap candy.