Wednesday, April 28, 2010

window shopping

I am happy to not need a thing for spring, but it hasn't stopped my window shopping. Most of the windows are on the other side of this monitor. It's been cold and rainy, and I haven't felt like hitting the real stores anyway.

First up is this great, club collared number from Epaulet. Clubs don't work for me, and this shirt will never be made to fit, but I still love the look.

Epaulet | Club Collar Red Oxford

II. Are you familiar with Lands End's Canvas line?

I remember Lands End from when it was a sailing supply shop. Most of its totes,and canvas bags were the staples which kept them in business. My favorite brief case of all time came from them. A canvas bag, which was perfect for a drummer constantly on the road. It was impossible to overfill.

Anyway, the Canvas line feels like a marriage of The Gap and J Crew. A bit too young for me perhaps, although I am awaiting delivery of a couple of shirts, which I am completely expecting not to fit. More later.

III. Buddy Ellie Stager when she heard about the missing bow tie, got immediately in touch, asking what could possibly replace my missing bow tie?

A blue chambray, says I.

A week later it magically appeared.

It took the longest time to figure out what to wear it with. I eventually found an ivory linen shirt in the closet. A white OCBD will work as well. Let linen season begin.

IV. And finally, my search for the perfect Johnny Apple red gingham shirt has ended. After a long search I found the perfect shirt, and discovered the color looks awful on me. Such is the way with the hunt.



Karena said...


Isn't the hunt fun though,and sometimes there are those surprises that it works out fabulously!!

Art by Karena

house things said...

I've been ordering from the LE Canvas line and am very pleased. I'd like them to add more.

Suburban Princess said...

I did the same thing about 10 years ago...I got it in my head that I wanted a gold blouse for an office Christmas party. I searched high and low for one and when I finally found it, tried it on and came out of the change reflection asked me what I was thinking! With blonde hair and fair skin, gold isn't exactly my colour!

Shelley said...

Have you never had you colours 'done'? If not, I'm amazed someone as interested as you are in clothes hasn't. It would have told you in advance what would like / not suit. It's a very old (well, middle aged, 40 year-ish) idea, but surely someone still does that sort of consultation.

Toad said...

Shelly, now that you mention it, I do remember. Especially the big notebook. No I never had.

At this point in my life, standing closer to a mirror would probably tell me as much.

JMW said...

Love the gingham shirt! My order from Lands End Canvas arrived the other day. A few preppy staples for summer office casual.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Gingham is difficult to wear for anyone, methinks.

Toad said...

PT&E I wear blue gingham a lot. Goes with my baby blue eyes.

SweetTeaandPearls said...

So I forward your blogs to my husband. In hopes that they may infuse him w/ style. It's not his fault really. He was raised in Southern CA, where, making an effort to look nice, is looked down upon. I however, was raised in the South. And I appreciate the effort.

DAG said...

I just bought a royal blue gingham much like the one in your post. I have to say though - I'm more interested in the black and white pics on the wall - there great.