Monday, April 12, 2010

By the Yard

My bride and I have an ongoing skirmish. She doesn't much cotton to theme rooms. Remember how flexible the enthusiasms of Toad, of Wind in the Willows fame, were? I'm much the same and tend to create themes quickly albeit accidently. I come by my name honestly.

The battles generally involve what goes where on bookshelves. The problem revolves around the fact that one of us is an eclectic reader, one of us rarely picks up a book. Our home is littered with shelves. They are in most every room, except the rooms you want them.

Not surprisingly, I abhor empty shelves. Non-public rooms I'll stuff them with ancient magazines, catalogs, almost anything. For several years I had most of a Jaguar engine hidden on one in a game room. When it's an exterior wall I call it cheap insulation. Later, I fill them in.

To satisfy both a need for books, and a current whim I got in touch with the folks at Wonder Books. Amongst their other services they offer books by the yard.

I emailed, told them of my current interests, some of this, none of that, got a quick reply, and photos. How 'bout this? they asked.

Two days later 50 pounds of books arrived. Perfect, and reasonably inexpensive.



Shelley said...

I'm not even going there - sounds like a very dangerous place! We are both book buffs, so no question of empty space. Organising so that we can each find what we want, that's another thing... I'm thinking of learning the Dewey Decimal system at some point.

heavy tweed jacket said...

I am sitting at a desk with at least a yard of new books that I am working through slowly. Wonder Books sounds, well, wonderful. "The Dog in British Poetry" sounds like a great night stand reader.

James said...

Htj hit on the one I was most interested in, "The Dog in British Poetry". If it turns out to be interesting please let us know. Enjoy your treasure!

M.Lane said...

Very interesting. What I want to know though is how far did the ripples go with Mrs. T when you threw this fifty pound rock in the lake?


Toad said...

I believe the splash is most likely to be my carcass

ADG said...

That's scary man.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

wow. jealous over books? yes.

Will said...

Wonder Book has stores in Frederick, Hagerstown, and (I believe) Gaithersburg, MD. I spend ENTIRELY too much money in them. Unfortunately, I don't have shelves....just plenty of boxes in the garage!!!!! Excellent bookstores. Hard not to find something on the topic you're interested in.