Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do I have a deal for someone

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, do I have an offer for you, it comes with several conditions however. You are on your honor.

I have a coat in my closet. It has never been worn, other than to try on. I got it on EBAY once upon a time, it does not fit me well, and I am unwilling to spend a bunch to have it tailored. Before I return the coat to EBAY I offer it to you.

It's a POLO size XXL. I do not know what size Ralph says that is, but I am guessing it's a 48 long. As you can see, the sleeves have working cuffs. The white is a surprisingly heavy cotton. Too hot for summer in the South or Midwest.

For $10, which includes US and Canadian shipping, it's yours.

Now the catch.

The jacket must be for you, or an immediate household member, unless you have a REALLY good story. I'll put the story to a vote here.

You can't resell it. If it doesn't work for you, you must thrift it. You are on your honor.

If interested get in touch.



Andrew said...

Would definitely be interested - I wear an XXL, and I have a Navy RL Polo that fits great. I think it would be perfect for an evening wedding that I'm attending next month in wine country. I couldn't find a "Contact Me" link on the site itself, so I posted comment here. Sorry, I usually read the site on Google Reader.

- Andrew Flynn
Chandler, AZ

James said...

Here's my pitch:
1) It's my size
2) I've never had one, but always wanted one.
3) I agree to all conditions.
4) Did I mention I have the ten bucks in small unmarked bills?


Suburban Princess said...

It's my husband's size...he needs to dress better!

Suburban Princess said...

Actually - white....on my husband...Messy Marvin...proly not a good idea lol!

Toad said...

Ladies, an etiquette question.

May a guest wear white to even an informal wedding?