Friday, April 30, 2010

Ask & You Shall Receive

DAG asked the other day about the photos on my closet wall. Since there is not much to tell, today is the perfect day to tell it.

For reasons completely unknown to me, and most uncharacteristically, last New Years Day, I found a coupon for Michael's, a chain of arts and crafts stores, and purchased a dozen picture frames.

Somewhere along the line,the idea for the picture wall took root. It's an idea I could get away with in no other room in the house. The rules were simple. No women. Surprisingly, nothing has ever been said, but I suspect there is a lot of eye rolling. My bride indulges me.

The photos have been for the most part liberated from various blog posts, and represent a current pantheon of explorers, adventurers, artists and writers.

George Mallory, the first European to attempt to climb Everest. He died trying. Liberated from Maxminimus
Peter Beard, artist, conservationist

George Mallory and Sandy Irvine. The same Everest expedition

Jim Corbett. British soldier, hunter, explorer

Ian Fleming by Cecil Beaton

Me, by Me

From Alan Flusser's book "Dressing the man"

There is positively no rhyme or reason for any of the photos selected. I have another batch of photos waiting to trade places with these. Mostly authors this time. Twain, Maugham, Dylan Thomas, Hemingway, Capote.

Mercifully, I am on the mend.



Shelley said...

What great photos! Very inspiring, no doubt. Am I right in thinking you're the only subject still living?

Martha said...

I think it's a great idea! What a perfect place for photos!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

A sort of gentleman-adventurer inspiration board! A fine idea.

And isn't it refreshing to see men of action who actually dressed well? Today's crowd (few and far between though they may be) might take a page from that book.

James said...

Jim Corbett was one of my childhood heroes, a great photo of a gentleman at leisure.

Toad said...

Peter Beard is still alive and kicking

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
There is a forthcoming biography of Mr. Maugham written by a Ms. Selina Hastings that looks quite good. Are you fond of Evelyn Waugh as I am?

Yours in civility,

Toad said...

Hilton, my summers are filled with Maugham. When the steamy summer days roll around, few writers feel as good. Thank you for the tip. I have pre ordered a copy.

DAG said...

Great shots - I thought I recognized at least one from ADG.

You certainly look the part of a southern gentleman.

Maybe I'll steal your idea for my side of the closet.


Toad said...

Boss Toad as ADG says

Jg. for FatScribe said...

epic. outstanding. inspiring. sartorial elegance amidst men of leisure and adventure set.