Thursday, November 5, 2009

So here is where we left off

Let's play catch up.

For Gail in Northern California. Bunky left Colorado the day before Denver was deluged with snow. It is my understanding that he was happier than a convict after a successful parole hearing in leaving. Sadly, for him, I left him with a car in need of a heater and defroster (you don't need those in Portland do you?) so the first several days of his return to Oregon was cold and unpleasant. He was not a campy hamper when I spoke with him mid week.

The Pool House: Inertia, lousy weather, and higher commitments kept the pool house from being painted thus far. We have agreed on a color, but now the pool house is being used as storage, it is going to be spring before it is completed.

The Drive: I can't say a great deal about it. A law suit is forthcoming. What I can say say is that we allege the work was done poorly, in a unworkmanlike manner and have the Fire Marshall on our side. I hate this kind of thing.

The flu: touch wood Mrs. T and I have avoided it. Many around us have enjoyed it. If you have had it, you have my sympathy. I understand it is awful. Now that I have cursed myself....

The Awakening: The second casting of the Seward Johnson sculpture "The Awakening" was unveiled on time, October 10. The weather was beastly. I'm disappointed in it.

Stuck in a suburban office park, it doesn't have the grandeur of its beautiful Washington setting. I'll have pictures later.

Anything else?



Martha said...

Thanks for catching us up!

Rebecca Woodhead said...

TOAD!! Oh Toad, you're back. Thank God. I've been so worried. Every few days Hubby has picked up the book you sent and said:
'Any news of Toad?'
He'll be so happy.

Am writing novel 3. Using NaNoWriMo as springboard. Not sure I'll get 50,000 words of it done in a month but it's fun to try.

My characters are as feisty as ever. This time around they have a number of tricky business and planning issues to contend with. Am sticking with the:

Act 1: Put character up tree
Act 2: Throw rocks at him
Act 3: Give him a ladder

approach. The characters weren't up the tree for long before I starting throwing rocks. Not sure my characters like me much! :)

Glad you're back.


Mrs. Blandings said...


SFTrny said...

Toad - Perhaps you haven't seen it recently, but the awakening in DC is no loger at the end of Haines Point. It was moved last year to a new development, National Harbor, just south of DC in Prince Georges County, MD. It's new location is not nearly as dramatic as the original.

Kathy said...

Haines Point hasn't been the same since the sculpture was moved. Less traffic, which is good for the bicycle racers who train there, but the park doesn't have the draw it used to.

Gail, in northern California said...

Thanks for the update on Bunky. Can't have everything, right? At least dad provided him with some form of transportation, special delivery. You're a good man.

Notice you posted at 2:11 a.m. Watch those sleepless nights. As much as I enjoy hearing from and about you, rest is important too.

DAM said...

How was the trip to NOLA?

David said...

So glad you're back!

Patsy said...

I was hoping your new header was the pool house!

Kathleenk said...

Thanks for the update. And, it's always good to have the Fire Marshall on your side. Can't wait to hear how it all turns out.

Mom on the Run said...

Hip Hip Hooray! You've been missed.