Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Character Flaw

Of all the flaws in my character I am most appreciative of my disdain for spectator sports. I don't particularly care if you want to watch sports all weekend, but leave me out. Please. No football, no baseball, nothing on ice. I'm just not interested.

This past weekend was filled with "The Big Games" in NOLA, and I had much sport with the overserved fans from LSU Saturday night.

Late in the evening I got to talking with an older couple in matching LSU sweatshirts. Remember, if you ignore suckers when God sends them to you, she won't send them anymore, so ya gotta make hay, so to speak.

We were in a saloon, and I inquired if the L or the S was silent in the LSU. I couldn't make head nor tale out of the word. Slowly, as if speaking to an idiot (or Yankee) she told me the whole story of Louisiana State University.

"Are you coming from work?" I asked.

"No, we are here for the big game", this time he was allowed to slur.

Seem a little old to be students, aren't you?

No, we came to support our team.

Do you watch a lotta minor league sports? I inquired.

Then comes the whole championship story, blah blah blah.

Ya, but isn't the premier football league in the US the NLF?


Then everything else is second rate, right?

With that they left.

Sophmoric? You bet, but a lot of fun at the time.



tintarosa said...

Really? No spectator sports at all? No horse races? No tennis? No Olympics? Nothing?

Toad said...

Olympics-no, no a thousand times no. Same goes for auto racing.

Horse racing-one per year, maybe 2 if I have money on it.

Tennis, et al, only if they are on in a bar I happen to be in.

Patsy said...

We're not sports-watchers, either. My husband will watch skiing if it's on or the America's Cup - sailing on tv, worse than golf.

I would have enjoyed watching you make sport of the LSUers, though.

Gail, in northern California said...

Like little lambs, they were. You sadist, you.

P.S. Loved it

Anonymous said...

I'll never understand the pleasure in mocking someone.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of spectator sports either, but,bonestly, your "game" sounds like rudeness and taking advantage of the patience, kindness, and good will of others. You were, essentially, making fun of those people. Big fan of "Borat," were you?

You identified the wrong character flaw.

Toad said...

I pleasantly disagree. Conversations in saloons tend to be not very articulate. We each took the opportunity to explain our positions, knowing in advance neither would convert the other.

I am positively certain they went home, and are having the same conversation about a guy they met with their friends.

I have many other character flaws which I readily admit to.

ADG said...

Funny Toad.

I gave up on attending live professional sports events when mediocre teams (I live in Washington DC) command a half grand for a middle class guy to take two kids to a game and buy them each a hotdog.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

I'm with you. Not much on the sports front.

I had a buddy in college who, when confronted with a Ivy leaguer, with opinions, would sip his beer, point at a sweatshirt and say "is that a four year school?"

Yes, he was very fast.

Butch Payne said...

Geaux Toad!