Friday, November 20, 2009

Shoe Queen

To quote the inimitable Governor of the great state of California, "I am a shoe queen." Second or third class in my case, but one none the less.

For fall and winter I favor chucka boots. Gotta be suede, gotta be hard soled. Brothel creepers are for spring and summer.

After about a minutes hesitation I picked up a pair of Bass Binghamptons yesterday. The color is browner than the photo shows, almost a snuff. After a strong coat of Scotch Guard they'll stand up to whatever winter throws my way.

Great shoes? No way, but they fit well and go with everything in my wardrobe. Who can ask for anything more?



Gail, in northern California said...

It's all your fault...yours and ELS....that I have managed to spend $120 without leaving my desk. First, I ordered two copies of "Wild Mary" after reading today's post from ELS. No sooner was that a done-deal when my husband saw the picture of your new chukka boots and said, "That's it! Those boots I've been trying to find!"

btw, he loved your reference to the lighter weight brothel boots.

Anonymous said...

My father wore these. Comfortable and classic. I remember that those were his we've-closed-up-the-boat-for-the-season shoes. Boat shoes all summer and chukkas all winter. Good memories!

Toad said...

Glad to be of service.

house things said...

I've always loved chukka boots. I might need to get some. Although, lately, it's been all about mud at my house. This week's mail brought muck boots and next week's will brick duck boots. Might as well add some chukkas to the mix, as I'm not standing in mud all of the time.
All best,

Toad said...

KLS: From a shoe perspective I completely understand your father. I do the same thing, although the boat shoes never go away.

Kathleen, there are always wallabess, eh?

Anonymous said...

Any shoe based on a British Army boot would attract my father. Plus, Bass made them, and in my family Bass is king. And, my father (and husband) both favor MAN SHOES!

ADG said...

Yep-I wear 'em in dark brown suede. Even been known to wear 'em with a flannel suit and tie.