Friday, November 27, 2009

Let the games begin

Nothing like a refreshing jolt of holiday Kool Aid, taken neat, first thing in the morning. Let the games begin!

I love Thanksgiving. It is the holiday I have the best memories of. The weather in Mayberry is still pretty good. Often Thanksgiving is 10+ degrees warmer and much sunnier than Halloween. Our first hard frost isn't for another week, and snow won't come until the week before Christmas. It's a good time of year.

My usual way of doing business includes waiting for the coldest weekend of the season to install the outdoor Christmas lights. Every year I study the weather channel to make certain it wouldn't be colder tomorrow, when I plan on lighting today. The last two years installations have been embarrassments to the good name of decorative lighting. It never got cold, so I was reduced to Christmas eve,eve. Never a good time to do a thorough job.

This year I thought maybe I'd try something different. I'd think the job through, in advance, and take advantage of the exceptionally nice November weather we've been having. And so I did. The job while far better than the last two years may not be up to Kansas City Plaza standards, but pretty good none the less. Now I'm having a quandary. Seemingly, I have some time coming up. Do I add more decorations?

We are going to have a fun weekend, beginning with Mr. Fox this afternoon. check in later and let me know how you're doing.



M.Lane said...

I have to winch the boxes of stuff down from the attic in the garage first. I am all over it this soon as I get the Kool Aid...


Brian said...

Drank the Kool Aid already now dealing with the wind and cold. A perfect day to put up the lights!

Toad said...

Sadly, Mr. Fox is missable.

David said...

Mom and I had our traditional Thanksgiving dinner - in the sports bar of the Argosy casino after a few hours at the tables. Brett was in El Dorado with his family, so I spent the day reading and drinking coffee and doing a very little bit of housework. There will be no Christmas decor this year, it would be sort of gilding the crabgrass at this point.

Toad said...

David: I was so jealous of you yesterday afternoon.