Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Preparation

I promise to wake up in Thursday morning with a smile on my face, drink the Kool Aid and prepare for a holiday season full of warmth, brotherly love, and good will towards all if you will allow me this one indulgence.

In any way shape or form, does the term "Black Friday" entice you to want to leave your home at an unreasonable hour, credit card in hand, ready to lay waste to bargains galore? Do you get that warm, fuzzy, cuddly puppy, happy memory, free association when you consider the day?

It doesn't me. I'll take the retail employees view. It fills me with dread.

There are at least two urban legends as to how the term came to be. Neither reflects positively on mankind.

Don't buy into the madness. I recommend you sleep in, shop on line a bit, take the kids and grand kids to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and ease gently into the shopping season. It'll be there.

I promise that is my last unkind post about the holiday season...unless....

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you'll be on the road be especially careful. I'll be waiting here for you.



Mrs. Blandings said...

There is nothing in the world, no bargain untold, that would make me shop on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Horrors.

tintarosa said...

It really is ridiculous isn't it?

David said...

That's not an unkind post Toad, it's a sensible one.

Brian said...

Your Black Friday plans are right inline with ours. First my son and me will put up the Christmas lights then will go see Mr. Fox. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

NCJack said...

Not so very long ago, sales were rare-ish, and Black Friday was (nearly) worth it.

Now we can just wait a few weeks for the next "Manager's Day", "Red Dot", etc.