Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am longing for a road trip, although none is in the offing anytime soon.

One of my life's greatest decadent pleasures while traveling is stopping for breakfast in a small town, far from home. To you it may be a simple pleasure, but for me it is an entire reason to hop into the car, and head off to parts far away.

I love the ambiance of small town cafes, being the unknown outsider in a place where everyone knows each other, listening to the farm report and local gossip. Lingering over a newspaper filled with stories from place names I have never heard of, and people I'll never hear of again.

Best of all who can wreck breakfast? I've only had one bad one. In a pinch I landed in a Waffle House, late Sunday morning near Asheville. I knew better, I did it anyway, I paid the price.

Always, if made in the back, you need to order a slice of pie to end your meal.



ADG said...

Those diners are becoming fewer and farther between unfortunately.

Jeff, Jill and Erin said...

I agree, there is nothing better than stopping at some local eatery while on a drive. It gets pretty boring eating at the same chains everywhere you go.

Mr. Toad, do you take Camilla on these trips? A special car makes it that much more enjoyable.

M.Lane said...

How very true. I am now itching for a road trip and a diner also!


Patsy said...

My husband knows every great breakfast spot from Maine to Florida and Boston to San Diego.

He likes nothing better than to venture out early in the morning to find the place where the locals eat.

Toad said...

It's rare when Camilla leaves the confines of Mayberry. At 8 highway MPG, and a 150 mile range between gas stations she makes it infuriating and very slow to take on trips.

NCJack said...

E. Stroudsburg, PA, battery dying in Cherokee, breakfast place in the garage building we stopped at. Over fifteen years ago and I still remember the homemade blueberry cream pie

Anonymous said...

I am not a breakfast eater, but I always make an exception on road trips when I eat breakfast and skip lunch. One can still find a decent scrambled egg or pancake in the most desolate of places.

So glad to have you back, Toad!


Anonymous said...

I love eating in the local diners while on the road. I have found a pretty reliable way to spot the good ones. Look for the one with all of the pickup and work trucks parked out front. These guys are regulars and wouldn't be so if the food wasn't great. Dave