Monday, June 8, 2009

Nupt, the singular

As we ease into wedding season the NYT Vows section gets thicker and thicker about less and less.

One really odd story popped up this week though. Love does really odd things. Try to imagine this in real life.

Joy and Timmy were married Friday in Switzerland.

Joy is another archer, in training for the 2012 Olympics. Timmy is a rower, and head coach of the Swiss national rowing Team. He was also a member of the British team which won Gold in 2000.

Oddly, Joy's first love was rowing. Each year she would rush out to buy the video of the World Rowing Championship (imagine trying to do that without Google) including one where Timmy was interviewed about a silver medal he had won. "I actually remember saying I want to marry him right then", she said about seeing him for the first time. "He was so humble and so direct-and handsome too."

The couple met in 2001 at a rowing clinic in Spain. Joy had a dislocated shoulder and Timmy offered to cut her food. Romance flourished and the couple returned to London, where she was studying,and he was coaching. After her JYA she returned to America. He stayed in London.

He's quoted as saying he wanted to propose, but well, like you know how long distance relationships are.

Fast forward 7 years with nary a word between them.

Beijing Olympics. Timmy sees Joy's picture in a Polo ad, sends her a Facebook message, and learns she too is in Beijing. They agree to meet. Romance rekindles, they go out a couple of times. He proposed while they are in Beijing. Unhesitatingly she said yes. Now imagine Joy explaining that to her girlfriends and family.

End of Story.

I don't see it myself. In my life experience, had a guy shown up 7 years late, he mighta, shoulda woulda, got kicked to the curb.

My best wishes to all the happy couples. May you be as happy as Mrs. T and I.


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Anonymous said...

Sweet story. All I can say is that you don't know what you have until you lose it. I surmise Joy & Timmy found that out but it took them 7 years.