Saturday, June 6, 2009

I think I'm in trouble

OK, I admit it. I may be a trial. I'm set in my ways, at least in a sartorial sense. I know what I like. I'm consistent. Call it old fashioned, or preppy or traditional, I admit it. That's what I wear. I always have dressed this way, and for better or worse I'm unlikely to change.

My bride sees me as something completely different. In our 13 years together she has at every gift exchanging opportunity bought me clothing. With two notable exceptions, every last gift has been returned within days if not hours.

Frankly, I admire her trying, but you'd think eventually she'd give it up. Not my bride.

So for my birthday she gave me a pair of shoes. They went back.

Today she sent me an email confirmation of another pair of shoes she ordered to replace the ones I returned for my bd. I kid you not, they are the exact duplicates.

Without meaning to be testy I tactfully enquired why I wanted them now, but not then.

It became a tad frosty around the manse. "Well just send them back, if you don't want them".

Apparently, I'm meant to have these, but do I have to wear them?



longwing said...

Do we get to see them?

Martha said...

That's my comment as well.

kathleen said...

My husband says that if you have a lot of shoes, just put them in among all the others, and forget about them.

Toad said...

See These in the next post.