Monday, June 22, 2009

Be careful of what you ask!

OK, so we still live behind the moat, although we have created a small bridge to get from here to there, instead of the old switch cars routine.

So you are asking yourself "how dumb are these people that they put up with this for so long?"

Dumber than you'd hope.

A week or so ago, we hired a contractor, and to protect his and our backsides he went to Mayberry City Hall to enquire if he/we needed a building permit. A reasonable safeguard I would think. Except he asked on the wrong day.

We live a mile or so from the Missouri river. Our lake drains into a neighboring lake, which drains into a neighboring lake, all the way downhill until it hits a creek which drains into the river. So far so good.

The day the contractor asked about the permit, the EPA was in the office. We live in a protected water run off area, and since it flows directly (more or less) into the river the EPA can claim jurisdiction. They decided they needed to take a look.

Somehow it reminded me of Arlo Guthrie waiting on the Group W bench.

Two reps from the EPA stopped by, with the largest binders I have ever seen. They had regulations and pictures, and site surveys, and god only knows what else. After consulting with the contractor, reviewing our plans and listening to us beg, they finally relented and told us we could safely build, if we followed their guidelines.

Alleluia! It will only cost us another leg.

Since we have number one son and his family with us this week, work commences next Monday. The EPA promises to stop by.



ADG said...

EPA...Job justification maybe?

Anonymous said...

A great story.

But we need LOTSA pictures !!!!

You paint such a wonder picture that it requires many pictures.

Please post some pics !


Kathleen said...

Oh, gosh. I'm glad it was only another leg.

Mom on the Run said...

Reminds me of when my friend's husband decided to refinance their house--he was a real estate attorney, so it was no big deal for him to have his secretary get all the paperwork together. Then somebody from the mtg. company decided to do an inspection, decided the septic tank was bad, got the county involved and they had to replace it or get fined by the county. The worst part was that they bought the house mostly because of the old enormous azaleas, which then all had to be dug up to replace the septic system.

What is it they say about intentions?

Gail, northern California said...

I hope you're a very patient man.

Please keep us posted. Next week should be interesting. I wonder if your job will still require the expertise of two EPA inspectors.

It boggles the mind. Hurricane Katrina practically wipes whole sections off the map and residents are left to live with mold and mildew for months but, this....