Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Dominique Browning sighting.

Once upon a time I posted that I would read telephone books if Dominique Browning wrote them. She hasn't resorted to that yet, but she did appear in Sunday's NY Times Book Review. Her Gardening Books review appears here.



ADG said...

Toad...Ms. Browning's turn of phrase is indeed fetching. But, I have to tell you, she has to me, the most beautiful eyes in the world. Her editorial photo from years ago made me weak. Nice.

Toad said...

She has a voice to match. I'll try and turn up something.

Toad said...


She is doing time at the WSJ now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Toad, You wrote in your "Dear Ms. Browning" blog that many of us Google her name, and we land at your site. How true. And, thank you. You graciously lead me to the delight of her more recent writings.

Lauren LeBlanc said...

Dominique Browning's upcoming book SLOW LOVE: HOW I LOST MY JOB, PUT ON MY PAJAMAS & FOUND HAPPINESS will be in bookstores in mid-April. She received a starred review in Publishers Weekly today.