Friday, April 26, 2013

The Quick Brown Fox...

Ever ready for new adventures, we have become neighbors with a fox, and naturally opinions are mixed as to what to do about it. Your thoughts are naturally welcome.

We noticed our visitor over the winter.  He tends to keep regular business hours; you can  set your watch by his 9:30 AM visits and again an hour before sunset.  Our fox's it drives the Lion Dogs crazy.  I perfectly well understand that a hungry animal will eat anything, and on several occasions, especially in the evening he'll prove that as he passes by with dinner in his mouth.  Shih Tzu's would be no match.  However, we sometimes forget it's fox time while the dogs are outside.  The dogs give chase, the fox keeps out of reach.  If the fox gets too far ahead he'll slow down so the dogs can catch up.  It looks like the fox and dogs are playing.

Mrs. T suggest the fox is wearing the dogs out making them easier to catch.  I'm going with the their are having fun theory.  Happy Confederate Memorial Day!



Anonymous said...

"Happy Confederate Memorial Day!"

There have been a few references to/debates about matters pertaining to the Civil War around these parts lately, all of which remind me of my complete ignorance on the subject. So my Spring Project 2013 is taking shape. By Summer I hope to be a better TTMB reader. Thank you and your commenters for being so inspirationl.


Silk Regimental said...

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs back.

One year I was obliged to go to summer school via Yale/North Haven for a deficient English grade. I had to take two classes in order to take up all the time so I opted for a class in typing. Best course I ever took, but shoulda/ought a took a class in spellin'.

Have a wonderful weekend.

GP said...

I was told once that a fox doesn't see a dog as "prey" or food and in general are not much of a threat to dogs or people... rabbid animals?? maybe?? who knows. I see them all the time where I live, they've never bothered a thing but small vermin.

Anonymous said...

"I opted for a class in typing"

A Ess Dee Eff Jay Kay Ell Semi.


James said...

I have never heard of a fox attacking a dog, or a cat for that matter. The up side would be the free rodent control.

Toad said...

I love having it around inspite of the negative naysayers i surround myself with.