Monday, April 22, 2013

jon waters bd

Job candidates were often hit with the dreaded "Who living or dead would you like to invite to dinner?" question.  A nonsensical approach to see how well the candidate could dance.

 High on my list of people I'd enjoy sharing dinner and a cocktail with is today's birthday boy, the pride of Baltimore, John Waters.  While certainly not to everyone's taste, John represents many of the values that any civilized society hold dear, honesty, tolerance, conversation, support for the underdog, intelligence, a love of books, art and music.  His approach, to attract with the salacious,  then turn jokey rendering what was once scandalous non threateningly comical, is a formula that has worked for over 40 years.

If his films are too much for you (Too much Rickii Lake?) try his most recent book, Role Models.

Happy Birthday, John and many more.


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