Sunday, April 7, 2013

Odds and Ends

Today we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the 1933 repeal of the portion of the great American Experiment, which forbade the sale of beer.   Repealing the 18th Amendment, state by state, was going to be a long and arduous process, so the "wet" Democratic Congress elected on FDR's coattails, revised the Volstead Act's legal definition of intoxicant to allow 3.2 beer to be sold.

On December 3, 1933 Utah became the 36th state to adopt the 21st amendment, which repealed the 18th., and allowed "hard' liquor to be sold, across the US, subject to state law.

II. Widespread Panic

I don't know from the band Widespread Panic, and couldn't help a stranger locate a local radio station who played their music, without first knowing more than I do now.  My Denver daughter and her husband could though.  She and her husband have followed Panic across the continent, to sultry Caribbean islands and into deep southern Mexican resorts.

Last week I saw a local newspaper ad for the band's 2 night Mayberry appearance this week and phoned my daughter.  "You are in trouble" I began.  Why? came her meek reply.  You can travel to Mexico to hear a band but you can't come home to sleep in your old bed to hear them!!!!  Oh the stories and excuses I heard.

I would love to believe parental guilt had something more to do with this more than band love, but she called last night asking us to leave a light on for her.  Works every time.

III. Do you sleep with your pet?

We do.  Our Lion Dogs, Charley and Pooh, sleep in our bed.  While they completely ignore my bride, every night the 2 dogs and I tussle over who is sleeping where.  I have my spot.  I have dibs and the dogs know that they may find a place after I've gotten comfortable.  One (never the same) sleeps tucked in tightly into the small of my back, the other is tight against the back of my knees ( I sleep on my side).  I haven't been able to roll over at night in years.

Last night, they were in bed waiting for me when I got there, and greeted me with tooth baring growls, which had never ever happened in our house, and is rather funny from such small dogs.  I grabbed each by the scruff of the neck and set them on the floor.  They were back in bed before I and more growley. In unison they tried pushing me onto the floor, all the while barking and growling at ME. Then Mrs. T screamed, mostly in surprise. Those who know her would never believe it, but she may have uttered an oath as well.

The girls, on their outside trip before bed, caught something and had buried it, still semi-alive, under the covers.  It was a long night.

Enjoy your Sunday,


Anonymous said...

Any chance my dog had of sleeping in our bed has been completely eliminated.

Toad said...

Glad I could help

Brohammas said...

Utah, place of my birth, the final state to repeal prohibition.

Of course.

O.P. said...

He, He, He...Toad,...I just love it.