Thursday, April 25, 2013


My bride and I have been spending a lot of time lately with our 3 little buddies, almost 2 yo Moe, 4 year old Larry,  and 5 year old Curly.  Our kids are no longer kids and most of our grandkids  (M L&C are cousins of one of our grandkids) live out of town so we are enjoying a second youth with these guys.  Since we are not the kids parents nor their grandparents we have the opportunity to spoil them rotten, wear them out and ship  'em home.

One of the great surprises to new parents is learning that children do not come with instruction manuals.     During our outings I am often astounded at how clueless dads are.  That children survive in the care of the dads is one of God's greatest miracles.

Mrs. T was a teacher so whenever she is with the kids she is constantly asking the boys questions, drill, drill, drill followed by songs, songs and more drill.  Left alone I'd let them watch television, anything to stop the noise.  I'm learning but I haven't overcome my genetic deficiencies   

Often we'll find somewhere fun for the kids to go for the day, then Playland at the golden arches to totally tire the boys, followed by dinner at home.  I'm an inveterate people watcher and Playland is near perfect for observing.  The dads most likely have sent the kinds into the play area alone, while dad stays inside nose stuck in something electrictronic while his kids fend for themselves. Moms are much more interactive, involved, mending bumps and bruises and making certain the littlest ones aren't left out.

When younger, I used to believe that most women were if not crazed, well on their way to crazy.  I've now come to understand that its men and dealing with children 24/7 that drives them over the edge.  Mom's are woefully underappreciated.  

However late, I've come to recognize that fact, and will use my bully pulpit to atone.  MOM'S WE LOVE YOU!



Anonymous said...

I so agree! In fact the Tish Jett blog directed readers to Vanity Fair's online Proust Questionnaire game of 20 questions. One of the questions [I paraphrase] asked Whom do you most admire, I entered "mothers."


preppyplayer said...

This is why you are so popular, incredible insight! (being a mother, I am biased)

Seriously- Dads are awesome too.