Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mercy Rule

In amateur baseball there is often a 10 run "mercy rule". Simply stated, if one team is ahead by 10 or more runs after 5 innings the game is over and the team with the most runs wins.  Sometimes 5 innings are too many.

Licking Heights High School in Pataskala, Ohio met their rivals Harvest Prep April 5th.  Licking Heights scored 16 runs in the first, 18 in the second and 31 and in the third. Although Licking Heights had 48 hits they also drew 13 walks and had 11 hit batters.  Their league does have a 10 run mercy rule after 5 innings, but this was called for darkness after 3 with the score Licking Heights 65, Harvest Prep 0.

According to LH coach Jeff Boyer his team did not run on passed balls, didn't stretch hits, didn't steal.  "It was the most awkward I've ever felt in 34 years of coaching."  Harvest, comprised mostly of freshmen and sophomores  has been mercy ruled for all of their games this season.  The two teams meet again next Tuesday.



Anonymous said...

Why not a double header? It sounds like this game was never finished. -- FreeKansas

-Lisa said...

I don't have clue what you just said in this post because I know nothing about baseball (and to think, I am going to a Red Sox game Friday night!). Despite not knowing what you said, it just made me chuckle for some strange reason. I needed a good chuckle this afternoon, thank you for that.
Love your blog and usually can understand every post. Win some, lose some

James said...

Toad, this is very weird, but Mr Boyer happens to an old acquaintance of mine.We both coached at the same school once , albeit in different sports. He is a fine man and would never under any circumstances run a score up. I have been in similar situations and know how hard it is . I don't believe you were being critical of Jeff, I just wished to share with your readers that few coaches would ever set out to beat someone that badly.

Toad said...
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Toad said...

James, what a small world. Follow the link. Mr. B was devastated by the game, and dreads next week's contest.

Anyone who dedicates his life to teaching gets high marks around here.

Anonymous said...

It is I that should be the villain here. Coach Boyer did a stand up job trying to limit the humiliation imposed by his team. I myself was on the losing end of MANY "Mercy Rule" games. I apologize to Harvest Prep for implying that they should "finish" this game and whole heartedly root for them to beat the pants off of Licking Heights in their next match up. --- FreeKansas

Giuseppe said...

Ha. In Boston we always called it the "slaughter rule". So much lies in the semantics.