Monday, April 1, 2013

what's on your powerbook?

Remember the cool early '90's "What's on your Powerbook" ads?  Most of us were flipping disks in and out of our PC's while the creative, the cool guys were schlepping their laptops wherever they went.

The question, What's on your Powerbook was answered usually by someone you'd heard of doing things that weren't on your computer.  Movie scripts, list of all the books or CD's in their collection, important phone numbers.  Remember this pre-AOL, pre-Internet.

Too many of we working stiffs used our PC solely for 1-2-3, or Wordstar.  It was unimaginable that we would waste disk space on letters!

Two  results of the "What's on your Powerbook" advertising campaign were that Apple proved that computers, and computer companies could be cool to real folk not just geeks, and

that computers weren't just business machines. Brilliant.

Today is Apple Computer's birthday. Founded April 1, 1976 by 2 young guys working out of their garage. Dreams can come true.



Anonymous said...

Missed the whole campaign, thanks for playing back a little bit of it for those of us who were barely hanging on by our fingernails through the 90s. Sooo cool. Happy Birthday Apple.


deliberateobfuscation said...

Loved that campaign!