Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Odds and Ends

1.  I began writing this blog anticipating writing to the ether with hopes my 3 children might occasionally stop by.  That others visit amazes me daily, and for which I'll be forever grateful.  I need to go old school on this as the first 2 items are directed to my sons.

Junior High was a difficult time at our house, and soon Mrs. T's grandson will graduate from the same middle school my boys attended.  Last night my bride and I attended a school ceremony held to honor  those students who received a 3.5 GPA (out of 4) each semester during 6-7th and 8th grades.

 59% of the graduating class was awarded the Golden N in honor of their achievements......153 students.  Mrs. T and I looked at each other and said huh?  One hell of a bell curve.

2.  Parents of adult children always need to perform some mental gymnastics to remember that whatever their children's ages, accomplishments, family responsibilities and limitations that they are no longer children.  This was brought home to roost last week when a high school classmate of my youngest son was named basketball coach at their old school.  BB coaches were always really old, now...

3.  There is an old saw about clothing, that perhaps I made up but I hope not, that in effect says if you find something you like, buy it.  Because you love it, it will go with anything.

I want each of you to know that old saw, whatever its source, is a lie.   I apologize to those I may have shared this lack of wisdom with.  Over the winter I picked up a pair of greenish and tan seersucker trousers. I do love them and will enjoy them but for maximum effect they will require a deep tan the likes of which my fair Irish skin has never produced and a shirt color that has not yet been invented.  Won't stop me from trying though.

4.    Patch Mad: I have not yet conferred with my personal enabler to learn whether or not patch mad will be worn this season.  Whatever his ruling, I will be.  Years ago I gave away a much adored patch mad jacket, purchased on line in haste that did not and I felt would not ever fit. It was a joy just to look at it. Luckily, it went to a great home and I know it's happy.  I still dream of that jacket.

Several years ago, egged on by my muse I acquired, again via EBAY, the patch mad jacket shown above.  The stated size be damned, it too did not fit, yet I kept it gathering dust in the back of my closet.  Finally, it fits, (and the one I gave away) and if spring or summer ever come to Mayberry this year I will wear it until it falls off me.

5.   Is tweed appropriate for Derby Day?



Old School said...

Re: "...if you find something you like, buy it."

Indeed! Chances are, you won't be able to find it again when you go back to the store.

Silk Regimental said...

I like your new patch mad! I hoping the gun will fire soon on the start of madras season - though here in FL, it has been quite warm already.

Anonymous said...

Grief. You're straining my brain this morning, Sir. Trying to find a trace of logic behind green/tan seersucker pants requiring a tan for maximum effect. They're probably too new. Put em in the washer, or put em on, then fall into the pool for 5 minutes. After seasoning, then try em with a blue chambray shirt, sounds killer to me. Is this our introduction to the New Orleans hat? Lookin good....


Karen Albert said...

Dear Toad, you are bringing back memories of wearing madras shorts and skorts! I also do like the seersucker pants.

I picture them as mentioned with chambray or even white(possibly)

Art by Karena

ADG said...

I'll allow you. To wear it.

Toad said...

The seersucker may need some of the shine knocked off, as for shirts white won't do and the chambray not so much, although chambray is the shirt for the season.

In the mid time its late April, 50 degrees, and still 2 weeks away from azalea time. The morning forecast called for snow flurries

Anonymous said...

You and Max go outside and smoke cigars, give Karena and me your credit card, and we'll take care of everything.

Friday night date night and you will wear the tan/green seersucker pants. Then put on this softsoft blue shirt:

Next, tie this knit tie loosely under the shirt collar, casual like:

Go find your brown Weejuns and a brown belt, and you will turn heads whether you have a suntan or not. We guarantee it.


Anonymous said...

At least one of your children stops by almost daily and loves to hear whatever odds and ends you feel like writing about that day. :) xoxo - KT

Toad said...

F: Mrs. T gave me a most perfect blue chambray shirt for christmas. It gagged her to have to pay Ralph retail. I'll keep shopping for the shirt, but the tie is a done deal. Many thanks