Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gatsby will ruin my wardrobe

As much as I am looking forward to the upcoming The Great Gatsby movie, in my heart of hearts I anticipate a stinker.   Worse than the several hours of my life I'll never get back watching the movie is the damage it will do to my summer clothes closet.

Have you seen the Brooks Brothers Gatsby collection?  White suits, correspondents, and skimmers will all be off limits for the next year or two while the dedicated followers of fashion get their 1930's fix on.

If you are so inclined god bless you, but remember that in the US no man, not yet old enough to collect social security, may wear a boater in public. On younger men the hat wears you, there is no getting around it.

Chickens may select their own headgear.

Which leads to today's dilemma.  I wish to upgrade my summer play shoe wardrobe.  All my life I've spent the summers in Topsiders or Jack Purcells, and frankly I'm tiring of them.  I'm looking for something a bit more....  I found the top photo by Googling tasselled plimsolls, a bit of research later I found several great styles and affordable prices.  However, all the shoes I found were readily available in the UK, and no so much on this side.   So I'm seeking your advice.

Anyone have any recommendations for something similar, a favored purveyor, or more importantly warn me off if I'm heading down a bad path.  Many thanks.



Anonymous said...

If you can find a pair of the UNtasselled plims, especially if you can find a pair in the Payless price bracket for experimentation purposes, then pick them up and put them in the car, turn right and head to the WalMart where you will pick up a grommet tool, then go home and experiment with tassell ideas. You may find yourself with the Invention of the Year on your hands: a whole wardrobe of tassels for one shoe.


Toad said...

many thanks. I've a payless employee in the family, which will make the search somewhat easier.

Karen Albert said...

Dear Toad, so sorry to be had been a roller coaster and I am trying to get off.

No great advice; I can tell you this is the movie I cannot wait to see! oh yes and one of my favorite books of all time.

Art by Karena

Toad said...

Karen I'm with you on Gatsby. I have high hopes and low expectations that this movie will be worth the $10.

Laurie Ann Meyer said...

The coming attractions looked horrid. Stay home and rent a classic.