Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maroc My Socks Off

Jess in the Sahara

I regret that I have little wanderlust.  I am happiest at home.  Give me a warm fire, cocoa and a dog or two on my lap and I'll spend hours reading about the great adventurers and the hardship they've overcome.  I admire those compelled to explore, just don't make me go.

My buddy Finnian's sister Jess was born to be at home in the world.  Jess lives in Portland, Oregon with her family when not attending college in Minnesota.  This semester she is studying in Morocco  preparing to becoming the 21st century's Gertrude Bell, and having the time of her life.  Her mother however....

You may follow Jess's adventures here.  



Anonymous said...

"That night we went dancing..."

Sir, you and your featured guest Jess have just aged me 20 some odd years. I've shut myself in a cool dark room for the next few days.


Toad said...

She is a marvelous young woman.

Anonymous said...

May I add Exceptional.

But after that day she described, to then go out dancing, Extraordinary.


Anonymous said...

her mother thinks that Jess' return in May seems a long way away and there will be many white hairs to sprout before then!

ps. she's fixed the comments section toad!