Saturday, February 9, 2013


The Atlantic photo

Most of you are more willing than I to pack off to Nepal, join an expedition and climb Mt. Everest. Hell no I won't go, but for you penny pinching explorers I understand they do a land office business in Kathmandu selling used trail and mountain gear.

I was perfectly willing to sit in the comfort of one of our several screening rooms and watch PBS or NatGeo documentaries of you risking life and limb, until I saw a Telegraph story of a 4 billion pixel photograph of Everest.  The photo, in stunning detail, is a masterfully melded collage of 477 photos taken during last year's spring climbing season.

Conquering Everest doesn't look intimidating in the photos.  Click on the link above, the pix are stunning.



LPC said...

Love that photo of General Sherman. You sense he meant business.

Toad said...

He was most likely one crazed sob by the end of 1864

Suburban Princess said...

That's just phenomenal! I will be spending the day zooming in and out :O)