Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another one bites the dust

There is much lament and gnashing of teeth amongst the clothing blogger-boys about how our favorite shops have either become ghosts of their former selves or simply no longer exist.  Many of our earliest and favorite haberdasheries exist now only in memory.   Impermanence is the nature of things American.  Stores open, and in a generation or two they are replaced, often by something inferior.  We accept our lot like sheep.

The good folks of Bishop's Stortford, a town of almost 35,00 in East Hertfordshire are faced with a shop closing that trumps all.  Tissimans Men's Clothing, the world oldest tailor and men's clothing shop is closing at the end of the month. OPENED IN 1601 AD, and operating continuously since,  first trading as Slators then changing names to Tissiman's 150 odd years ago,  found they could compete successfully with every competitor for over 400 years that came their way except the internet. A perfectly sad commentary on the 21st. century.


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