Monday, June 25, 2012

bespoke leather goods

My wallet

Once upon a time I wrote about men and their wallets. I feel that men come in two categories. The first carry everything they own in their hip pocket wallet, while the other are minimalists who travel lightly carrying little in their wallets. Whatever category a man falls into, his wallet of choice is unchangeable. I fall into the minimalist camp. My wallet is not much larger than an index card. Always was, always will be. That is why I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from frequent commentor Doug Addington (Ldaddington at gmail) aka Old Polo asking if he could make a wallet for me.

Of course I said yes. We traded emails regarding my preferences, and what I carry in my pocket. I asked few questions in return not wanting to ruin the surprise.

Old Polo explained that be began leatherworking while repairing tack during his polo playing days. Now he designs and crafts all manner of leather goods for clients far and wide, and is available for bespoke commissions.

Three wallets arrived last week. I have a favorite but I have changed wallets every day since in order to select the "right one".

Each is oiled leather, much like a baseball glove.

My initial favorite

Same as the first only laced

I love them all, but someday, probably not soon, I'll have to settle upon a favorite. Old Polo's leather goods have my seal of approval, and I suggest that for something special you get in contact with him.

When I called to thank him for my prizes Doug told me of growing up in the Black Hills. Today is also the anniversary of the the Battle of Little Big Horn/ Custer's Last Stand (1876). That took place in the Black Hills as well.



Linda McMullan said...

I've been looking for a Bespoke Leather person to make some handles for me - and here is your post about Doug! What a great gift for you - the choice would be easy for me, as I don't like "worked edges" on leather goods. It will be interesting to see which one you choose.

The link to him doesn't work, however. Can you fix? Thanks, Toad!

Toad said...

Linda, I have corrected the post. thank you

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