Thursday, June 7, 2012

On this date-1937

75 years later and still in fashion



Pink Benny said...

Please remove the 2nd photograph immediately. My wife and I just celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary. She's got this crush thing on with Jack Nichoson and if she see's that photo....old man that I am....she may go rushing off and not hang around for 42. Cool photo!

davidsl said...

still stylish, yes, but why can't i find any? like hush puppies, they can't be found for love nor money in the san francisco bay area.

Anonymous said...

Mine just disappeared. I wish I knew where they are.

But Pink, has your wife SEEN him lately? Oooo, it's allllll caught up with him and it's a terrible sight.


Toad said...

David, admittedly its not SF but I have had great luck with these folks.