Sunday, June 24, 2012

What I've Learned

For the past ten days we've had family members coming and going around here. Now it is eerily quiet. Everyone has gone home yet Mrs. T and I remain, wondering what to do with ourselves. How will we ever trump the "Broadway's Best" recital on the last afternoon of acting camp?

Now with one more week of full time repair and clean work facing me I thought I'd pass along some of what I've learned this month in the hope it saves you time and effort some day.

Anyone who tops a window seat with drywall is not your friend.

It is preferable to hire trained pros than to learn never to be used again outdoor skills.

Tree cutters cut deals after Halloween.

Water in on or around your house is your home's worst enemy. Clean your gutters regularly and extend downspouts to drain water away quickly. In Mayberry new gutters cost $5 a foot (installed) to replace. Cleaning them is easier and cheaper than replacing. Benign neglect is still neglect. Check Craigslist if you are unwilling to clean the gutters yourself.

Ours are being replaced next week.

Moss on siding is ugly. A number of products exist which will remove it, but few things work better and are as cheap as household bleach. Wear old clothes,find an old bucket or aluminum turkey pan and pour a cup or two of bleach in. Then take a paint roller (use an extender pole if needed) dipped in bleach and roll on. Wash off with a hose. Be generous with the water if there are plants in the drip zone.

I'm back to work.



Anonymous said...

Yes, plants do not like bleach. Best to cover with a tarp first.

Pigtown*Design said...

when your dog gets on your roof and chews on your gutter-helmeted gutters, you find out two things: how much you reeally need gutters and how expensive they are.