Thursday, June 14, 2012

Raspberry Pi has arrived

Computer geeks may be amused to learn my $35 fully featured computer arrived midst the chaos of our home yesterday. It's a bit smaller than a pack of Chesterfield Regulars. The details may be found here.

With luck, I can steal a bit of time Sunday to make it work.



davidsl said...

Oh, do update us on how this works out for you. With regret I declined an opportunity to buy one just last week. It's such a cool idea.

James said...

I just got my invite, but I'm hesitate to pull the trigger. Did you buy the pre loaded sd card?

Toad said...

No I didn't. The card is inexpensive and the download is free, so DIY is most of the fun

Suburban Princess said...

I had a pack of Chesterfields in my pocket a few weeks ago :O)

Old Polo said...