Saturday, June 2, 2012

God save the Queen

While Britain celebrates their Queen's Diamond Jubilee this weekend may I offer several Queenly items you may not have been aware of? I thank Time Magazine for the complete list.

Her real birthday is April 21.

Were you aware the Queen is fluent in French?

Since 1952 the Queen has confered over 404,000 honors and awards. She has personally held 610 investitures.

Elizabeth is the 40th monarch since William the Conqueror.

In 2002 Elizabeth at 76 was the oldest monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. The youngest was James I aged 51.

She has been served by 12 British Prime Ministers. Tony Blair was the first PM born while she was Queen. 12 US Presidents have held office during her reign as have 6 Catholic Popes and 6 Archbishop's of Canterbury.

In the past 60 years she has undertaken 261 official overseas visits, including 96 state visits to 116 countries.

Elizabeth is the first British Monarch to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.

In a typical year she hosts 50,000 people at dinner, banquets, luncheons, etc at Buckingham Palace.

She has sat for 129 official portraits.

She has owned at least 30 Corgi's, has introduced a new breed a Dorgi (dachshund/corgi), and since 1911 the monarch has also maintained a line of black Labs-the Sandringham line as well as Cocker Spaniels.

Elizabeth is patron to at least 600 charities and foundations.

She is one busy gal.
God save the Queen.



Pink Benny said...

Thank you for those facts about one of the world's best examples of dedication to cause. May God continue to
bless her majesty.

Martha said...

And given her mother's lineage she may be on the throne longer than Victoria!

Clara Walmsley said...

Love the photo ! Just read Sally Bedell Smiith's book, a good read !

David V said...

"...and since 1911 the monarch has also maintained a line of black Labs-the Sandringham line as well as Cocker Spaniels."


NCJack said...


northsidefour said...

What a wonderful photograph of one of the worlds most photographed people. She looks like someone's great aunt, albeit a very busy great aunt. Exceptional!

Anonymous said...

What car is she driving, with a dog on the hood?

Old Polo said...

God Bless Her! Just hope I never see in my rear view mirror the same face I saw in your post.

Toad said...

I guessing but probably a Rover at Sandringham. I'm certain her security wouldn't dare turn her loose in London

In The Littoral said...


Wonderful post. Just one nit, the Monarchy has maintained a line of Labrador Retrievers. Some of whom happen to be black, others of yellow and possibly brown. All of them are of the same breed just different colors.

Sandringham Sydney the Queen's dog that won the game fair, was a yellow lab.