Monday, June 18, 2012

8th grade graduation party

I found a box of old photos that I believed I had lost many years ago. I've spent too many hours since reviving old memories, trying to remember places and names from once upon a time. Some have gone and some remain. Many I've scanned for my kids, which some day they will wonder who the hell was that, especially since I have provided no background info. They'll have to make up their own stories and fight amongst themselves over who's right.

The photo above is one I never expected to see again. My first girl friend at our 8th grade graduation party, taken on this date in 1966. She moved a month later, and I haven't seen, spoken to or hardly thought of her in 45 years until I saw this photo. I remember her fondly, and hope she's well. Should you recognize her, tell her I said hi.



Gail, in northern California said...

Isn't it amazing--the things we keep?
Just the other day I told some friends about being the new kid at school. Junior High. We were poor and our family moved a lot in search of the next job. I was painfully shy so a first day at any school was agony and similar to an endurance test. I remember so well the teacher saying in one class as she passed out small pieces of paper, "This is a new student. Write down your first impression of her and return them to me as you leave class today." Of course, I turned every shade of red there is but as I was leaving class, that teacher handed me a sealed envelope containing those little scraps of paper and told me to read them when I got home. Toad, they were all positive. "Nice smile" "Shy" "Friendly" "Pretty" and I knew I had been accepted. From that day on everything was easier at school.

I still have those scraps of paper. They in a small wooden box with my dolls in the attic.

Toad said...

Having attended 7 grade schools I remember well the feeling of being the new kid. It stays with you forever.

Anonymous said...

Gail, I am in tears!

Toad, SEVEN! Ohhhh.


Linda McMullan said...

Good heavens! She looks EXACTLY like my friend, Julie. Where was the photo taken? Did your girlfriend have red hair?

And 7 grade schools??? Thank heavens THAT is behind you, and you are now in a house you are having to clear out because you've been there so long. Pros and cons to moving around!

Toad said...

Linda she is/was a brown haired Debbie

Anonymous said...

I recognize the ABSOLUTE 8th grade fashion imperatives of the day: "hair in a 'flip' with peter pan collar and roll up sleeves." No deviation allowed. [Why do I feel you cut yourself away from the left side of the photo, sir.]


Toad said...

Yes the photo has been cropped. As ADG will testify once he returns from vacation, the fellow once on the left was my best bud Dennis. I still see him often enough that I feel I may safely avoid advertising his younger self

Bick said...

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