Friday, June 3, 2011

Something jaunty?

Many thanks to Unabashedly Prep and saint james boutique

I don't know how to post photos in comments, or even if you can. I was thinking more of a solid polo.



Anonymous said...

I like it!

Toad said...

If I were that size I would too.

Karena said...


It is a good look for summer boating or beach house, or even just relaxing around the house.

Art by Karena

Barbara said...

Very French. Very boaty. Although you know what they say about horizontal stripes. :)

Haven't seen a J Peterman catalog in years. Used to love it. I'll go online and see what's what.

Anonymous said...

Only a small v-shaped wedge of the striped top would show at the neckline, the double-breasted jacket would cover up all the rest of the shirt.
Still too jaunty?

You're the boss, if it don't feel right, it ain't right.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I would love Saint James striped T. I'm feeling very French! 'Unabashedly Prep', a very fun blog. Happy weekend to you and the Mrs., Toad!