Monday, June 6, 2011

Focal Point

Do you have a favorite view of your home? A secret scene that comforts you, your personal focal point. For some it may be the vista you encounter pulling in the drive, or the first glimpse of home as you turn onto your street, or look towards your front door. We each have our own.

The photo above is mine. It's the view of the veranda (can we have piazza's in Mayberry?) taken while standing between the pool house and an overgrown boxwood.

When we moved in, the house had been unoccupied for several years, and had several misadventures in the years before that. The grounds were neglected, in the midst of a drought, unloved and uncared for. My joy is the magnolia. Near death when we arrived now it's happy and thriving, albeit badly pruned.

Magnolia seeds taken 2 winters ago are now sprouting, protected from deer, and awaiting replanting in their new home. Under the magnolia, along the house on both sides of the porch are deep red azaleas. All I need now to complete my "Southern" garden is a bit of Confederate (star) Jasmine. It's unavailable here, can anyone recommend a source?

Looking south from the porch, you see this.

The box hedge (Wintergreen) was inspired by 2 issues of House and Garden, December 2002, and April 2005, and planted from cuttings taken from friend's gardens. There was nothing there when we moved in, just a large slab of white, the ass end of the pool house.

From here it looks a mess, but that is only because I could never figure out if box should be trimmed at one height so all the branches grow together or to pinch each branch when it reaches the desired height and wait for the stragglers to catch up. It seemed a coin toss, so I chose the latter. Also, the ground falls over a foot from right to left, and I failed to take that into account while planting. With 75 running feet of boxwood hedge I've since come to curse the author of "All you need to know about Boxwood", although it's still a tremendous reference.

The neatly trimmed back side offers hope for the future.



Anonymous said...

These folks are from the Atlanta GA area:

LPC said...

What I like is from the inside out, my kitchen to the front yard. Roses, lavender, fieris, rosemary, lychnis. Changing seasons.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Good evening Toad!
Thanks so much for sharing your lovely garden photos. I wish I had a source for your needs but maybe you will continue to find some helpful tips from other readers here.

Seventy-five feet of boxwood hedges?
That's a lot to plant with small starters! I am most impressed.

Wish I could smell the magnolias!
Enjoy your weekend. Thanks so much for linking up~