Saturday, June 4, 2011

Maybe-Maybe Not

While trolling, I came across this ad.

Cute shoes, but their imagery bears no real likeness.

For my money, Cole Haan could have left well enough alone.



James said...

Well said, Toad.

T said...

I wonder how she feels about being reduced to a flower in a vase lodged in a strappy sandal.

Joyous Belated Belmont Stakes, by the way. Not that anybody actually watched it.

Toad said...

T, mon ami, if you watched the Belmont today (sat)you are clairvoyant. The race is next Saturday, June 11. Who won? What's the trifecta?

T said...

Funny, my mom was lamenting missing the race today at the dinner table. I just assumed she was in the right.