Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Food for thought

I hate generalities. There is no such thing as an average person, much less an average woman. We will not be bent, folded, spindled or mutilated. They are decent starting points for discussion though.

According to the recently published book "To Die For, is fashion wearing out the world?" by Lucy Siegle, the average woman purchases half her body weight in clothes each year (she assumes a 124 pound woman), has 20 garments in her closet she has never worn and has 4 times the clothing a comparable woman had in 1980.

Based in the UK, Ms. Siegle's statistics are gathered from research on British cloth imports, and while they may not jibe with reality or the headline, they are a clever way of demonstrating we purchase a lot of clothing. This is self evident to anyone living in an older home.



Lisa Campbell said...

Maybe Ms. Siegle should extend her research to include men. My husband has enough tee-shirts to clothe a small third world country. They'd have to be Detroit Lions fans though...

Suburban Princess said...

Yes to the older home! My closets are teensie! I have plans to a big one to be built. I might be the exception - I edit my closet twice a year and get rid of anything I dont love. That doesnt mean my closet isnt very full...but I get everything tailored so it all fits me perfectly. That might be the key to not having 20 pieces one has never worn.