Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Why so many June weddings? Certainly, in the northern hemisphere the weather is decent,gardens and florists have plenty on offer, schools are out, weddings take about 6 months to plan after Christmas engagements.

The ancient explanation for so many June weddings is derived from the month's namesake, the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage, daughter of Saturn, chief wife of Jupiter. Protector of women, and the young. The Scottish word june, means to follow. Pretty good advice to all husbands.

So what gives in June?

On this date in 1788 Virginia ratified the US constitution, in 1792 Kentucky was admitted as our 15th. state, in 1796 Tennessee was granted statehood, Franklin and Transylvania not withstanding. Happy Birthday to each.

For those who honor such things, Jeff Davis's Birthday is Friday. The Derby at Epsom Downs is next weekend. The Belmont Stakes, DC Jazz Festival, Royal Ascot, Wimbledon are coming up, as are Juneteenth, the solstice, mid summer, and the anniversary of Mrs. T's birth.

For a fairly complete list check here.



Shelley said...

Hmmm. I always understood June weddings to originally have been popular to make sure that the first born child was out and Mom was ready to help with the harvest. Not very applicable these days, though.

David V said...

Our anniversary is in 10 days!

I better think of something.

We had a year and a half engagement. It took that long for us to secure the church and hall and save the needed cash to pay for it and the honeymoon.

Toad said...

I almost forgot. Today would be Ms. Monroe's 85th. Seems like yesterday.