Saturday, June 18, 2011

sir paul

The cute, fully folicled Beatle, Sir Paul turns 69 today. My how the years have been good to him. What pleases me most is that in spite of his unfortunate divorce, the downturn in the economy, and the ugliness which fills our daily newspapers, is that he's kept his optimism. His future looks bright.

First he became engaged to long time girlfriend Nancy Shevell. Having learned his lesson from former wife Heather, Paul has jumped back into the marriage gig with both feet. Marrying for love and No prenupt.

More importantly he's heard there is loose cash about in North America so he's planning to tour this summer. Check out the ball parks in your neighborhood.



Karena said...

Toad I saw the Beatles on their first tour in the USA. The concert was at the old A's Stadium in Kansas City. I was thirteen and in love with Sir Paul! (wish he had picked me this time around!)

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Anonymous said...

"What pleases me that he's kept his optimism."

Eternally optimistic and romantic he is, sometimes souls like that don't see a predator in their midst. I think he's in safer company this time. She doesn't want to put her fortune at risk either, equal footing I guess you'd call it. How did you like that black tie ensemble he was wearing in the photo you selected, Sir Toad; ie the black watch, peak lapel tuxedo jacket? Got your name all over it!