Friday, April 29, 2011

Toad Suck Daze

Easter is over, crops are planted, the weather's warming. Spring festivals are in full force this weekend.

Should you find yourself near the middle of Arkansas, a tad north of Little Rock, say nearby Conway this weekend, be certain to have rain gear on hand, or better an ark. It's Toad Suck Daze in Conway, and it near always rains, powerfully, biblically hard. A fun time is had though, and a lot of money is raised for local schools. The organizers want your contribution too.

Having brought this attraction to your attention last year, your comments have warmed many a chilly night.

As long as you've come this far, check in on the construction of the Medieval Castle if you can get there. from the castle it's a hop, skip and a jump to Martha's, and probably closer to Tulsa than Little Rock.



Anonymous said...

Sir, if you don't mind, I found a wonderful quotation somewhere today:

"You meet he damnedest people here"

And I thought your paramour Mrs. Middleton looked lovely today, didn't you?

Toad said...

Flo: and every last one of them shows up here, for which I am eternally grateful.

I thought the entire enchilada was gorgeous. I love watching the rich at play. The things they can do with scads of money never cease to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

"I love watching the rich at play. The things they can do with scads of money..."

Scads of money alone gives you Donald Trump. The display today was what extreme good taste + money can turn out. And then there's those trees inside the church, that's unbridled impish spirit, I guess. May I have an equal measure of all three, please?

Pigtown-Design said...

HOLY CARP!!! I've been to Toad Suck! It was on an epic trip to Page, AZ. We laughed to think of my triple-barrel name above a Toad Suck address! Thanks for bringing back a fun memory.