Friday, April 8, 2011

the hairy eyeball

Ever wake sensing you're getting the hairy eyeball?

Maybe it's paranoia, but a half hour before my new wake up time (an hour and a half earlier than is my custom) I "know" I'm being sized up. Certain, that if I move a muscle I'll be devoured.

Explorers and Indian fighters knew that feeling. Many wrote of how the sound of distant drums put the fear into them, causing the bravest to see warriors in their sleep. I know that sound, the sound of dogs waking next to me, shaking their heads as they stretch, first one then the other, then all together. To hear their tags jingle is to hear the warriors. My reveille; day has begun, just not on my schedule.

very fierce warriors

Yet, they ignore my sleeping bride.

Pretending to sleep while my face is licked is a skill I refuse to master. Beginning each day laughing, no matter how much I yearn for another 10 minutes sleep is a fabulous joy. Wet noses and sharp claws digging under pillows, wagging tails slapping against the head board optimistic about the day's potential, how better to start your day? It puts me in mind of weekend mornings when my children were little. A memory that becomes brighter every day.

Or, as Mrs. T reminds each morning, there is no rest for the wicked.



house things said...

I know very well about trying to be very still for just a few more minutes of sleep time, but I can't fool the dogs.

David said...

I'm lucky, I'm the one ignored in the morning. Sometimes I'm awake enough to watch though, Alex wakes up so sweet. He'll stretch, turn around and lay back down, laying his head on Brett's shoulder and neck. A very subtle "I'm ready when you are."

Your herd is looking good, all groomed and brushed out!

old polo said...

I love the dogs Toad. Did you ever get a different vehicle? If not you may want to look into a late '70's or '80's jeep grand wagoneer. There's a place in Kerrville, TX that restores them. They do a really great job.

Toad said...

I haven't yet replaced my car. I have an eye towards getting the WW2 Willy's MB rotting away in my garage running again. I'll put it on the lift and see if it's worth taking on one of these days.

James said...

I get the mournful eye.

Divine Theatre said...

I call it the "ear flap" alarm. Napoleon shakes those long, floppy ears promptly at 7am. He sleeps in a crate, lest he chase the cats nonstop as I try to sleep!
Then there are the "sharks". Five out of six cats who circle me on the bed until I get up and pour kibble into six tiny bowls. I used to leave food out all day and night but the grazing was taking its toll on their waistlines!

Patsy said...

When my stepdog would come stay with us, he'd lay his head on the bed about 4mm from my face and just stare until I got up. Luckily he has a very cute face.

Would love to hear about the Willys!

Sbuckley said...

All the dogs are cute, but I have lost my heart to Ted the Wonderdog! He is CUTE!

Have a great weekend! May be dogs will sleep in


old polo said...

The WWII Willys would be a cool ride if you could get it pieced together. Good luck with it if you decide to go that way. I'd love to email you a picture of my series lla land rover that I just finished restoring. I have it on my facebook page too.

lostpastremembered said...

I have a St. Bernard... that is one super-sized hairy eyeball that presents itself with a click clack down the hall and a schnerfling sound followed by the insertion of wet nose on sleeping face if the previous techniques did not rouse me. She is an equal opportunity waker and goes after me or my dearly beloved fairly equally (although he will swear he gets hit more often).

Thing is, for all the grumbles... the joy she has at meeting each new day, more than makes up for it. She loves life.. and that is as good as a cuppa joe in the morning.