Friday, April 22, 2011

square rigger

This is my Lands End Square Rigger canvas brief case. It is bar none the greatest bag ever. It will expand to accept anything put inside. Almost. It's durable, sturdy, practical.

I've had mine 30 years and it may have 50 years left in it. After writing about it last summer I discovered frequent guest contributor David Bagwell has one also. That's an endorsement if ever one was.

I tell you this because they are on sale. $30 US. Get 'em while their hot. Here. It will last your life time.



Boywilli said...

Yep, I carried them daily for years, with my initials on. I have several, replacing as they faded. My only problem with them was that they held too much! Not good for a small person's back, carrying all that. But they are wonderful.

ADG said...

J.Crew would charge you five hundred bucks for the same bag after adding a buttload of adjectives and adverbs.

Free Kansas said...

To monogram or not to monogram, that is the question. Any opinions?

Anonymous said...

"To monogram or not to monogram, that is the question. Any opinions?"

Well, since you're a little bit unsure, why not order the monogram in the same color thread as the canvas you select, keeping it low key for starters just to see if you like it.

Interestingly, when I clicked to see the case, there in the margin like magic was a short linen popover dress that caught my eye, ended up getting one in all 4 no-color colors, perfect for the intense heat and humidity down here. Thanks, Toad.

Toad said...

We aims to please. The consensus is the bag may be monogrammed.