Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Salter's Suit

I saw this old photo of author James Salter on the New York Social Diary site several days ago. I tend to liberate white suit photos, even if the suits are in fact screaming yellow or khaki. In black and white who cares?

By Jill Krementz, June 1975

Take a close look at the jacket detail. Is this a safari suit? I'm troubled by the two flapped chest pockets, but love the cuff detail. I've never seen the likes of this on a suit jacket in real life. Have you?



Anonymous said...

Hm. If this were a Safari Suit, the chest pockets would be bellows style, and there would be a corresponding pair of patch bellows pockets below as well; I think. The flat, flapped pockets and that shirt-style cuff, push this ensemble more toward the Leisure Suit prototype; I think. This is a very very nice suit, the fit and fabric look exceptional.

Toad said...

You may be right Flo. Leisure suits had been deleted from my memory bank. The timing, while a bit late, would be right.

Patsy said...

A safari jacket would also have epaulets. My father has several, both long and short sleeved.

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