Saturday, April 16, 2011

While Visiting the Grants...

I never joined the big screen television gets the most prized real estate in the house club. If it works for you fine, but not for me please.

Visiting the Grant's earlier this week,we found the General chatty. He wanted to talk television, sports and little else. Mrs. T warned me he was itching to show off his new flat screen, and I did my best to change subjects and talk about anything but. As he led us on a tour of his home discussion revolved around one sport after another, Hiram showing off his new found HD video lingo. As if he knew what a pixel was.

Finally, my defenses worn down he got the better of me. "Lookie here", he near shouted.

"At what General,the mirror?"

"It's not a mirror, its my new mirrored front big screen television. Mrs. Grant made the frame surround herself."

It was better than the usual black hole over the fireplace. I had to give him that.



Karena said...

Toad, yes that is true indeed. A very nice frame.

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Art by Karena

Shelley said...

It's a big improvement on the black hole, as you say. However, I don't allow TVs of any size in my living room (for talking or reading), my bedroom (for sleeping or whatever) or my kitchen (for cooking and eating). I'm fortunate to have a large landing else it would go in a small bedroom or office I suppose. We watch videos more than anything and I'm sure we could live without it altogether.

T said...

Okay, clever subterfuge, I suppose...but it's still a TV above the fireplace. Maybe if they could somehow accurately replicate a silvering effect with that 'reflection' projection, but even then you'd still feel the electrons pouring off of it. Why hide Jetsons technology behind classic frippery? Move into a Neutra house if you want a TV above your fireplace. Or join a professional sports team.

In other words, I'm with you on this one. Televisions should be seen, but not seen. Intellectual property of me; feel free to use.