Monday, April 4, 2011

Have you ever heard of the blood type diet?

I'm merely asking the question. I refuse to diet. I'll modify my behavior, I'll change my ways, but I will not diet. Don't ask me to, I'd hate to disappoint.

I came across a "news" item last evening promoting a new perfume based upon blood type. Naturally, type B's should smell better than type O's shouldn't they? We would want to know when an O is coming, and scent is so much better than asking citizens to carry a sign. The story alluded to the Blood Type Diet.

You must be joking, right?

Something led me astray, and like a traffic accident I couldn't turn away. I had to look. Checked my "type". It had me pegged, but then I checked my horoscope for the day and it did too.

Are they for serious? Do you have a "friend" who has tried it? Send details immediately.



Jg. for FatScribe said...

yes, have heard about it, and several acquaintances swear by it ... but then, this is California, land of anything goes. anyhoo, my ex-mother-in-law changed her diet and follows her blood-type diet. Keep us apprised!

Suburban Princess said...

I know a number of people who have done the blood type diet but like any eating plan, if one doesn't stick with it, one will fail to lose weight.

Shelly said...

Several of my cousins have had fabulous success with the blood type diet, they keep telling me I need to try it but I tend to dig in my heels when a diet plan involves writing a check...when I know all I really need to do is eat less and move more.

Toad said...

Shelly I'm with you 100%

HHH said...

The blood type diet is preposterous (and expensive). First of all, if you follow any of the blood type diet routines, you will lose weight. Secondly, if you read the personality descriptions, you will identify with something in every blood type. Third, being a physician, I have never, never heard any connection between blood type and the relative presence or absence of different digestive hormones. The secret to successful dieting: less energy going in, more energy going out. Now I just need to remind myself to follow that philosophy!