Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My fav hat took sick

I have been a hat wearer my entire life. Have them for most every occasion. My problem comes in knowing when to replace them. I hate throwing away straw hats. No particular reason, but I always think I can get one more year out of it, then one more year, then..

I have a stack of summer, around the manse, hats and another of leaving home hats. My bride no longer pretends to understand this particular character flaw.

My favorite go to, around the manse hat, the one I've been breaking in these past 7 years, the one I finally was able to bend the brim in such a way as to keep my cigar dry when it's raining, is near death. The Brooks Brothers summer special probably won't make 8 years. What's this world coming to?

Lucky for me, the Gov'nur, Bill Hornets, touched upon 3 of my favorite topics yesterday. Summer hats, white suits and The Wind in the Willows. Having just picked up a white suit from the alchemist's, it's now time for a visit with Bill.

Glad I gave up the cigar.



Jg. for FatScribe said...

my condolences. looks remarkably good, regardless. reminds me of a hat worn by albert finney in "a good year" (ridley scott)

Toad said...

One of my favorite summer movies

David said...

I fear I have a straw that only has a few more years left. The only thing I can do for it is to take it out on long warm and sunny walks until it cracks and crumbles away.

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

In Virginia, a certain architect used to tell about all the men gathering at the end of summer and burning their straw hats in a sort of unofficial ritual. While I am far too afraid of this level of purity, it has a charm. That being said, I vote for wearing it until small sunburns appear on your head in the shape of the hole in the hat, and then turn it into a planter or give it a viking funeral.

ADG said...

I have NEVER been a straw hat wearer. But I walked past J.Press in DC a couple of hours ago, with the sun burning my head, I bought my first straw hat...I porkpie thang.