Sunday, April 10, 2011

In olden days a ....

Mrs. T and I stopped at an ice cream truck lasterday. On the back was a sign with a number to call for franchise opportunities, so we began to imagine the terms and conditions of such a program.

Here's the imagined pitch:
Become your own boss. Work when and where you want. Work hard and be well rewarded, stressing the be your own boss part.

What you do:

Sign the non-disclosure, non compete forms.

Buy necessary merchant, drivers, truck and other licenses, insurance, liability bonds, vehicle and health inspections, shots...

Buy YOUR truck from us with our generous terms. When necessary, bring it to us for necessary repairs. Will add the repairs to our usurious note.

Buy the gas.

Buy products and signs exclusively from us.

What we do:
Sell product, truck and signage to you.

Marginally better than selling knives door to door, but just barely. $4 gas may sound the death knell for the ice cream truck business. Hoping I'm wrong, cause I don't know where else bomb pops grow.



Karena said...

Ha! Toad I loved this. And I can just see you tooling all around in an Ice Cream Truck!

Signs of Spring I saw one yesterday for the first time this year!

Art by Karena

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Lol..yes can you imagine a childhood void of the 'Ice Cream Truck'?! The mere musical sounds takes me to my youth.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening Toad,
Deb : )

pamingram said...

Friends of ours purchased a truck- franchise- in coastal Massachusetts and their high-school and college age daughters signed on to repay the purchase and earn money during the summer. it's quite a success story. the gals ( one will be a Jr. in College this next Fall and the other will enter College)have created quite a business. They established a relationship with a local nursing home and served up -sugar free- yummies and worked with local moms to set up an - on call the end of this past summer ( their second summer in business) , they delivered thank you notes to all their loyal customers. sweet....psi