Friday, May 6, 2011

Remembrance of more past things

Gentlemen, remember Sunday is Mother's Day, in the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I purchased my first Swatch watch in the spring of 1987, a jaunty summer number. Until then, and still, I either wore my 8th grade graduation watch, or my late grandfather's, a copy of which graced George Mallory's wrist on his fatal trek up Mt. Everest.

Mallory's watch
Photo: Maxminimus

I was at that time in my young man trying to make my mark on the world phase, too self important for friviality. The Swatch was a complete break from normalcy.

I also had a daughter in high school.

Many's the night I saw my closet walk out the door. My tux jacket went perfectly with that dress. Brooks button downs made great slumber party cover ups. My stylish Swatch went with everything. Most made it home eventually, usually after a girlfriend or two or three had tried it for a couple of weeks, passed judgement then passed it on. The watch, I never saw again.

Over time it faded from memory, until thumbing through "A Privileged Life" by Susanna Salk. The photo of Stephan Stolman (top) that accompanied the foreword tripped a circuit. I too wanted/needed a colorful summer watch. I can be frivolous if I want to. Where the ********** was my Swatch?

I looked on EBAY and was stunned by what it would cost to replace my old toy. I figured I'd wait, it'll come down. In the mean time that very same daughter and her husband gave me an EBAY gift card for my bd.

Good things come to those who wait. My brand new 1987 Newport 2 Swatch, with crystal protector, in honor of Stars and Stripes, the 1987 America's Cup winning yacht arrived yesterday. All is now right with the world. And, no she may not borrow it, unless she asks nicely.



James said...


Main Line Sportsman said...

My Grandfather used to say:" First one out is the best one dressed" on the issue of snatching clothes from parents or siblings...

Shelley said...

Good job you're patient.

M.Lane said...

Very cool watch. I love swatch products and have had a couple great ones too.


Barbara said...

Congratulations on the long-awaited wardrobe addition/replacement.
Very sailboat-worthy if you ask me. White pants are a must.

Anonymous said...

Toad, who is the gent in the first pic? i think he's some designer in the Hamptons or somewhere near there. can't remember who he is though.

Toad said...

Digging out my copy of A Privileged Life, from which the photo of Stephan Stolman appears (see above)shows Mr. S at his Southampton store.

The NY Times suggests that he is a dress designer, "the new Lilly", but some may question or take offense at that.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

What a sweet gift...Swatch watches were the coolest!!!

I am pretty sure Steven Stolman is the new creative designer or director for Jack Rogers.

Have a wonderful weekend! xx

T said...

Heh. I owned 3 in my youth, but the only one I can remember the name of is "Sir Swatch."

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

Steven Stolman! Yikes...a Palm Beach citizen. I see him at every party I attend.

Toad said...

I love his glasses in this photo.

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

I didn't think you could go up in my sartorial esteem, but that Swatch (the very one I owned, complete with crystal protector, Back In the Day!) just cinched the deal.

I do love a surprising accessory to spruce up an otherwise traditional outfit; have been adding a few oversized men's sport watches to my wardrobe for this very purpose.

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

(Oops - meant to say didn't think you could go up any farther, since I so admire your taste in these matters already. Must not read / blog comment after this much chocolate - my apologies).

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