Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival

I'm a bachelor this weekend, with 3 dogs under foot, who believes we'd would enjoy a drive down south. Set the GPS for the Breaux Bridge, La. Crawfish festival. Mrs. T has kin nearby, I'm near certain they won't mind our shacking up.

We'll have to leave tomorrow to ensure arrival in time for the beauty pageant. It's always held the day before, kept out of sight to non locals.

The crowning of muddog girl is my favorite event. Then there's the all you can eat contests (low entry fees make this a bargain, a hurricane or 3, good foot stomping music in the park, and thousands of drunken LSU kids.

The locals have complained about the visitors and mess for 50 years. Yet, each year the festival shows up on the calendar. Must bring in a whale of cash, or the crafty locals would have rolled up the sidewalks long ago.

I'll be the guy with the 3 chick magnets.



M.Lane said...

Man do I wish that I were going too! This is one of the great events. While there, toddle over to Henderson and hit Robin's restaurant for lunch or dinner. Chef Robin's crawfish pie, crawfish platter, boudin and Tabasco ice cream are worth the trip. A couple of times.


Barbara said...

If it weren't for a Derby Day party I'm happily committed to, I'd give some serious consideration to the Crawfish Festival. I'd love me a hurricane and some crawfish. It's been a while......